Historical Museum of Ostrog Academy

Its exposition is based on chronological order and reveals the history of the university from the foundation to the present. The museum consists of 7 separate showrooms that are on campus.

Exposition of the history of Ostrog Academy is located in the main building and illustrates periods of work of the university in 1576-1636, restoring of its activity (1994) and the presence.

An important part of the museum complex Ostrog Academy is an active student-faculty Orthodox Church of St. Fetor Ostrozkii. It is the only exposition section that contains 22 icons of XVIII-XIX centuries. Among them there are the unique image of Christ Pantocrator and Saint Stephen, on which the two chronologically distinct timed images morphed miraculously - compositionally it looks as if Stephen closes the mouth of Christ.

Exhibition of old and rare books from the collection of the university has more than 60 ancient books as well as books of XIX - XX centuries, the publication of Lviv Brotherhood of XVIIth century, Pochaiv laurels of XVIII c. and other foreign editions. One of the most valuable in the collection is a handwritten "The Apostle" (XVII century).

The exhibition of contemporary history of Ostrog Academy is in the convent of Capuchins (1775-1832). An interesting exhibit in the "memory room" is an internal spring, which was a main attribute of the monastery. Perhaps the most mysterious and fascinating is a cave monastery church of 1775-1832 years.

Also in the museum there is an underground art gallery, located in the economic basement Capuchin monastery (1775-1832). Here monthly exhibitions take place.


35800, Rivne region, Ostrog, Seminarska str, 2


+380 (3654) 2-29-49

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