Saint Vasyl church

One of the oldest historical monuments of the Kyiv Rus is the church of Saint Vasyl in the villiage of Ovruch in Zhutomur region.

The stone cathedral was built in 1190 and founded by Ruric Roctuslavovuch. The temple erected on the place of an old wooden church which as a legend says, was built in the times of Volodymyr the Great.

The temple was robbed several times. Twice tatars attacked it. In 1321 the Lithuanian prince Gedimin destroyed it. The church had survived through centuries though it had met with very dramatic events. In 197-1912 a Russian architect Alexey Shchusiev performed a truly fine work. He restored the temple brick by brick.

So, the original look of the curch of Vasyl in Ovruch had been returned. In that period a nunnery, a chapel, a refectory were constructed. Today the church resembles the famous Ukrainian cathedral Sofia of Kyiv.


1100, the town of Ovruch, Proletarska str, 2

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