Lubomyrsky palace

The Lubomyrsky palace is one of the oldest construction of the town of Dubno. Its history starts from the castle of the princes of Ostrig, old wall of which remember tatar invasions, maxim Kruvonos army attacks, Russian army attacks. During numerous dramatic historical events they remained untouched. A lot of famous personalities the castle had seen: kings, army commanders…

The whole noble dynasties had been keeping their treasures for centuries in the castle. The treasured attracted the conquerors. The wealth of the castle was the real reason of Dubno attacks.

Today a few expositions of weapons, icons, sculptures, church bells are exposed to a visitor. Some of the items shown are unique.

Nowdays the castle is a part of the State historical cultural park of the town of Dubno.


35603, the town of Dubno, Zamkova str, 7a


+380 (3656) 4-24-01, 4-35-68

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