The palace complex of princes Sangushkis (17th century)

This is the architectural complex which refers to the style of the late Baroque. And it consists of castle-palace of princes Sangushkis 17-18 centuries. The whole construction is made under the famous Italian architect Paul Anthony Fountains.

The buildings of the palace were built with account of the defensive border of the castle and maximum disclosure on the old, left-bank part of the city. Yard with arcade of the 18th century, located northeast of the palace and combined it with an open arched passage. It is a brick arcade-gallery, which forms right angled yard. Gallery is covered with cross vaults, its arches in the end of 19th century were partially immured and there were formed right angled window and door openings.

From the eastern side of the yard there is an open arcade. Here they arranged passage that leads to the inner castle yard. The way from two sides is underlined by triangular eagles, arches are on its pylons, which are decorated with pilasters. From the north to the arcade gallery adjoins the two-storey brick outbuilding, built in conjunction with the basic structure and maintained in an identical interpretation of architectural forms.


30300, town Izyaslav

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