The Klevan castle (15 cent)

The old ruins of Klevan castle still can be seen .

The modern villiage of Klevan dates back to old chronicles. Then Svydrygaylo gifted it to Mykhaylo Chartirysky in the mid of the 15 cent. The latter began to built the castle and founded the villiage.

The first Ukrainian printed Holy Byble and this person are connected. The commander of Volyn Ivan Chartorysky and his wife Anna were the founders of the Peresopnytzia Byble. In 1630 their son Yuriy presented the book with the Peresopnytzia monastery to the Jesuits. They moved it to Klevan where they opened a gymnasium and kept the Byble in the local libruary till 1648


35112 the viliage of klevan of rivne region

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