Mezhirich Holy Trinity Monastery

Ostrog land renowned for the beauty and outstanding Orthodox shrines. Between the rivers Zbytenka and Willia there is a picturesque village Mezhyrich. In the former town-fortress of the castle, defensive walls and towers well-preserved ensemble of buildings Trinity Monastery-fortress of the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, Trinity Church of the fifteenth century, the walls and towers of the early seventeenth century. Renaissance chimney (so called convent oven) remained almost exactly as it was built. A huge caboose Domestic monastery served as defense and forge. And it boiled resin, which was poured on the heads of the attackers. So monks defended their sanctuary.

Nearby there is Zaslavska Gate - entrance to Mezhyrich side Zaslavl, now city Izyaslav in Khmelnytsk region. Together with the shaft, the seven towers and Ostroh gate that was a ring of defensive fortifications of the former city. The first floor is arranged through-arched passage. It is preserved in part, at the level of the first tier. It has angles framed in Renaissance style.

Holy Trinity Monastery was founded by monks of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and was first mentioned in chronicles in the thirteenth century. The monastery was revived in 1991. The main shrine it is the image of the Mother of God "Zhyttyedatelnytsya". This is a generic icon of Ostrozkyi, written in XIV century. It was brought from the Ecumenical Patriarch as a gift princely family and blessing for loyalty and protection of holy Orthodoxy. This image accompanied Ostrozsky in campaigns. Their family has the belief that all his victories soldiers must miraculous intercession. In the monastery's library preserved manuscripts, which were described by all the wonders revealed by the Holy Mother of God. About miracles of the icons indicate rewards attached to it. In 1779 he was promoted Catholic ritual coronation of the image - the Mother of God and Savior dressed crown, made in Rome in gold and other precious metals. In 1866, Empress Maria Feodorovna gave the icon silver frame decorated with 12 emeralds.

Another valuable for Orthodox image is the icon Anthony the Great (XVIII c.) Attached to it numerous votyvy donated healed its people.


35808, Rivne region, Ostrog district, Mezhyrichi


+380 (3654) 2-20-51

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