Novozaslavsk castle

The architectural complex of the second half of the 16 18 ct. is located in the core of the New Zaslav on the cape at the confluence of the River Ponora to the River Horyn. The sample of the residencial architecture of Zaslawski princes. arose in connection to Prince Janusz and Michael Zaslavsky starting of New Zaslav, which was first mentioned in 1579.

According to the oldest description in 1637 Novozaslavsk castle consisted of masonry entrance gate of the palace, eleven apartments and six rooms with windows framed in pewter having Venetian windowpane. In the palace there was also a chapel, bell and circular walled garden, moneybox, cellar and kitchen facilities. Around the palace there were situated a bastion system of earth ramparts and towers, utility rooms. "On the side of the field" the castle was protected by a wall.

The castle suffered considerable damage during the Cossack uprising led by B.Khmelnytsky.
Novozaslavsk castle became a part of the new architectural complex after the Princes Sangushky palace construction in 1754-1770's.


30300, Izyaslav

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