Volodimir-Volyn Uspensky Cathedral

The only monument in Volyn Kiev Rus', built by Prince Mstislav of Kiev in 1160 in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. After the consecration of the temple became the cathedral, continuing the history of the first Episcopal diocese of Volyn Department based on these lands in 992. In honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Volyn diocese near the cathedral was put here in 1992.

The Cathedral was the burial place of princes, boyars and bishops. Under the building 6 princes, 2 bishops and many noble people tombs are situated. The temple builder prince Mstislav is buried here. It was ruined by Batiy troops and later restored. In the first half of the 15th century it was devastated, but at the end of the century through the efforts of Vladimir Bishop Vasian rebuilt. The church was affected in the interreligious struggle between Orthodox and Uniates, undergoing unsuccessful rearrangements.

In 1596, when Vladimir Bishop Ipatiy Potiy accepted the union, the temple became a Uniate. During the fire that devastated the entire city in 1683, the cathedral was damaged and was restored only in 1753. Uniates processed Byzantine architecture of the church according to the Latin model. In 1772 the church came into desolation. The cathedral owes its revival to concerns of opened in December 1887 in Volodimir-Volyn St. Volodimir's Fellowship, which has set the religious, educational and church-restoring tasks. In 1896-1900 the cathedral was rebuilt in the forms of the 12th century after the design of the temple restoration architect I.I.Kotov.

The cathedral is located in the heart of Volodimir-Volynsk near the ancient city ramparts. Together with the episcopal house and the bell tower it is a unique monument so-called "Zamochok" — the fortified residence of Volyn bishops.

Sacred places: "Brothery" icon of the Mother of God, Pochaiv icon of the Mother of God; Ancient Cross Calvary (14th century), the Ark with the relics of the martyr Faddey (Uspenskiy), Archbishop of Tver, Bishop of Volodimir-Volynskiy


44700, Volodimir-Volynskiy, st. Soborna, 25.


+380 (3342) 2-26-35

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