Tourist Volyn'


The great Volyn'.

It is female. Perhaps, it is a reason for it to nurse the early slavs so lovingly and beforehand - since the 5-th. century. It was generous like a mother: its lands were rich, its rivers were full of fish and dense forests were full of wildfowl. The fair-eyed slavs hunted, plowed fields, worshiped the sun and composed the myths there. Logically, they named their tribe by their mother and became Volyniany, whereas this land have been already named Volyn' in previous ages.

This ancient name is still in use and its territory, which now contains modern Rivne and Volyn' regions, parts of Zhitomir, Ternopil' and Khmelnitsky regions, is a bright part of the colourful travelling Ukraine. And those, who are interested in unvisited places and mysterious roads, here can find five different routes - historical, sacral, culturological, natural and active ones.

Volyn' witnessed a lot of extraordinary events. It reconciled mighty princes and was a native land of the founders of Cossack republic. It was fighting in wars and has been restored from the ruins many times. Volyn' has become the heart of the spirituality, which is protected by the old churches and monasteries, miraculous icons and hermits caves. But this did not prevent it to become the ukrainian Hellas. Volyn' is an educational and artistic centre, but it still kept its unspoiled nature, full of woods, lakes and rivers. Furthermore, it kept its taste for advantures.

Many interesting facts and famous people have left their traces here.
Here is a small Homeland of Volodymyr the Great, who christened Rus.
Here is the Homeland of the mightest princely families in the ukrainian history.
Here was published the first ukrainian book - "Peresopnytsya Gospel".
The famous publisher Ivan Fedorov lived and worked here.
Here was born one of the founders of Zaporozhian Sich.
The mighty ataman of zaporozhian cossacs Petro Sahaidachny studied here.
Here has been held the greatest battle in the europian history in 17-th. century.
Lesya Ukrainka and Ulas Samchuk lived and worked here, it is the native land for Volodimir Korolenko.
lake Svitiaz'is situated here , which is deeper, than some of the seas.
Here is growing the Jusephin oak, which is 1000 years old. Many years passed since it had seen the kievan prince Igor!
Here is the only region in Ukraine, where the solar stone - the amber is producing.

As many ages ago, Volyn' is hospitable. Because it is female, it has its own secret, which has to be understood by every visitor.