Active tourism guide

Active tourism guide

Recommended for those, Who consider hunting to be a noble business. Who know how to hold the fishing rod. Who like long distance walks. Who are not sure whether they like it or not. Who know, what the words “rafting” and “speleotourism” mean. Who aren’t afraid of the altitude. Who want to feel the acceleration of the free fall.

The extreme Volyn’

It appeals to those, who enjoy activity holidays. And it has all the reasons to be so. The woods in Volyn’ region are full of deer and the lakes and rivers are full of fish. Here (we speak about Bile and Shatsky Lakes) you can catch even eel which is said to come here from the deepness of Sargasso sea. So the local and visiting fishers can try their luck. On the other hand the variety of the local wooden fauna can satisfy finical hunters. Here they can found roe deer, deer, elk and boar, wolves and foxes, and even ducks, geese, snipe and other birds. And for tourists, who are not interested in the pursuit of wild boars there are a lot of other entertainments. For example, river rafting and horse riding must be mentioned. Moreover that people, who measure extreme in hours, they’ve spent in the cave labyrinths, and kilometers, they’ve overcome on foot or by bicycle, have an opportunity to enjoy it all too. Thus, during the traditional Ethnic festival “The Amber Road” everyone can try a hundred kilometer walk. The most durable and the quickest contenders are awarded with some prizes.

Not only the wooden and water space in Volyn’ is hospitable but an air space too. So tourists can fly on the planes and gliders in all directions as well. In addition, they are able to parachute if they are healthy and trained. The airport “Vovniv” is located 33 kilometres from Rivne and is one of the few airports in the western Ukraine, which offers such kind of services.

One more interesting object for active tourism is Rivne motor racing track. Stadium for technical kinds of sport meets all the international standards and many competitions take place there. The fans of active leisure are able to visit it as well.


  • The route is romantic. Tunnel for lovers and more
    The route is romantic. Tunnel for lovers and more

    Japanese directors make films here (about love). Tourists from Germany, Belarus, Moldova, New Zealand - are photographed. And local lovers make wishes.

  • Adventurous route. Keys from Tarakaniv fortress
    Adventurous route. Keys from Tarakaniv fortress

    There are only three such forts in the world. Two in France and one here in Tarakaniv. The grandiose fortification was erected during the Russian Empire.

  • Mystical route. Ukrainian Stonehenge
    Mystical route. Ukrainian Stonehenge

    Large, very large and giant stones- "houses" several floors high, forming whole "streets"… And a stone- "school", a stone- "church" and a stone with the imprint of God's foot, which always remains warm…

  • Railway route. ‘Cuckoo!’ or by train throughout Polissia
    Railway route. ‘Cuckoo!’ or by train throughout Polissia

    This is the oldest (from the XIXth century), the longest (in Europe), the narrowest (among the similar trains), the slowest (40 km per hour), the noisiest (particularly on Wednesdays, when people go to the market) and, of course, the friendliest (at any weather) narrow-gage railway route «Antonivka-Zarichne» which is about one hundred years old.

  • The contrasting route. Stalkers in Polissya
    The contrasting route. Stalkers in Polissya

    Giant steam-emitting structures, metal doors resembling a giant safe, "clean" and "dirty" areas, a sealed room that can withstand a plane crash, and a six-magnitude earthquake, air temperature up to + 50…