Saga of Heroes

Recommended to those interested in the history of the Cossacks

... And there was a great battle. And blackened field of spilled blood. Not on the life and death of brave warriors fought with the army hostile. Betrayed the Allies, they were left without leaders, who were in captivity. For the tenth time the sun was rising, and the siege continued. But the forces were unequal. And brave soldiers began to retreat. And they laid violent head on the field. And last remaining warrior. On the chest in the swamp, he was one desperately fought the enemy army. And ran hours and take the last soldier could not. And his body struck 14 balls, and in his hand was just spit. I struck boldly brave, governor of enemy troops decided to grant him life, and Last Warrior would not accept such a favour ... Since last centuries. And in place of the field, where there was a great battle, now reserve that protects the memory of the brave soldiers.


Battle big - Battle Berestechko in 1651. It is the largest in the national liberation war. By the nineteenth century Berestetskaya battle remained the most massive in the history of Europe.

Field - the battle took place between the villages Ostriv and Plyasheva in Rivne region. Brave soldiers - Cossack Army.

Hostile army - the army of the Commonwealth.

The allies - the Crimean Tatar army.

The leader - Hetman of Ukraine Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

For the tenth time the sun was rising - Berestetskaya battle was fought for nearly two weeks. At some point Cossacks camped on the river Plyashivka. They were unassailable, as well possess firearms. The siege lasted 10 days.

Put unruly head - according to various estimates, Berestechko killing of 100 thousand soldiers from both sides.

Last Warrior - Centurion Nechytailo.

Ran hours - Kozak fought for three hours.

Voivod enemy troops - King Rzecz Pospolita Jan Kazimierz II.

Last centuries - in 2011, 360 years have passed since the battle took place Berestetskaya. On this occasion in Rivne historical reenactors from all over Ukraine and abroad recreated scene of battle.

Reserve - National Historical Reserve memorilnyy "Field Berestetska battle." Its visitors can now see and St. Michael's Church, which before the battle of the Polish Army in 1651 prayed Bohdan Khmelnytsky, go on excursions to museums Berestetska battle and visit the temple-mausoleum - Herhiyivsku church.