Ecological Guide

Ecological Guide

Recommended for those: Who like to have a rest on the clearest lakes. Who can swim. Who know the meaning of the words “flora” and “fauna”. Who cannot swim and want to learn swimming. Who have read books by Lewis Carroll. Who are not afraid of the word combinations “A country tourism”. Who wish to embrace trees.

Alice and others in Wonderland

This land likes to wonder and to be wondered. That’s why it had gathered so many nature wonders. Lake Svityaz’ is deeper than the Azov Sea. Sometimes you can watch the waves higher than 1,5 metres in this lake. The water is fresh, clear and rich in silver. The deep trace left by the last continental glassier can be seen in Volyn`.

One more wonder of Volyn’ are the basaltic pillars. They are situated in the Kostopil’ district of Rivne region. The scientists consider them unique. Similar phenomena were discovered only in a few places on Earth. Stone multifaceted blocks are rising above the ground and are similar to the waterfalls in many cascades. So you are advised to enjoy the marvelous views and use the positive energy. The geologists say that in old times there were many active volcanoes in these places.

The Uzephin’s oak is considered the historical wonder. It’s not only the oak but the oak patriarch, which is put down in the records book of Ukraine. People visit this place with great pleasure and wish to embrace this oak. But you need five people to embrace it because the trunk is 8m in diameter. The famous oak is 1000 years old. They say that the oak patriarch saw Prince Igor, who went to the Drevlyan’s land in 945 AD.

The land of Volyn’ is favorable for rare plants and animals (many exotic samples are in Rivne Zoo). If you want to see these wonders it is not necessary to be Alice from Lewis Carroll’s book or to jump into the rabbit`s hole. It’s quiet enough to start a trip around Volyn’. Those who want to stop here for a few days will be met by local people, who are engaged in country tourism.