Hiking, rafting

Hiking, rafting

  • Danylcha (Trinity) Mountain
    Danylcha (Trinity) Mountain

    It is the sight of the nature of the local value (358 m). It has steep slopes; its summits are partly covered by an oak-hornbeam and by a pine-wood.

  • The Outskirts of Maidan Village
    The Outskirts of Maidan Village

    The first written mention about a village was made in 1544. And from person to person a legend about its foundation was passed.

  • Hurbenskyi Holy-Resurrection male Monastery
    Hurbenskyi Holy-Resurrection male Monastery

    The forest massif of the Gurba tract in the people of the Gurba forest. It was here in 1944. units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army were surrounded by the NKVD troops, the so-called "Gurban sack."

  • Boulders Vydrynsko-Vilyinskoho watershed
    Boulders Vydrynsko-Vilyinskoho watershed

    Granite fields with numerous boulders of red medium-grained granites of various shapes and sizes.

  • White Lake
    White Lake

    White Lake - karst origin, located near the village Bilska Wola, has an area of 453 hectares.

  • Lake Voronki
    Lake Voronki

    One of the most mysterious forest lakes in the region regarding vegetation is Lake Voronki. Its length reaches 600 meters and an area of ​​21 hectares.

  • Lake Ostrovatske
    Lake Ostrovatske

    Ostrovatske Lake is a lake of karst origin, near the village of Velyki Telkovychi, in the basin of the Styr River.

  • The river Horyn
    The river Horyn

    Characterized by the special picturesqueness.