Historical Guide

Historical Guide

Recommended for those: Who are interested in history. Who are not interested in history now, but have a great desire to know more about the history of Volyn’. Who like military style and the defensive buildings of different periods. Who want to know about “Cossacks brigands”. Who had a wish to become a princess and live in a castle. Who believe in ghosts. Who don’t believe in ghosts. Who are fond of detectives. Who are fond of melodramas. Who have ever conducted the genealogical tree of the family and turned out a far heir of Volyn’s princes.

The most historical Volyn`.

Its history began from the mutual love. The eastern Slavs were among the first to have settled there. They chose the happy time, found the safe place and started to build their dwellings. They lived in a harmony with the surrounding world. The eastern Slavs had maintained many myths and old settlements. In many centuries the diplomatic Volyn’ land reconciled the powerful princes. The heirs of Hedyminovychy and Riurikovychy settled here. They ruled and fought against enemy and extended their dynasties.

The princess maintained the castles with secret underground labyrinths, snistical dramatic and sometimes gripping legends. Any people know the life story about the most beautiful and the richest bride in Eastern Europe Galshka of Ostrog, who became widow in 15. Besides, she spent 14 years in the tower of Black Princess.

Another story is connected with the beautiful and cruel princess Bona Sforza, the wife of Polish king. They say, that her ghost seldom walks between the ruins of Kremenets Castle and waits for a brave man who can kiss her and try to take away the keys from the treasury. One interesting story is telling about Beata Dolska. She wanted to marry very much that’s why she fired a gun and made the tatars’ troops escape from Dubno Castle. Volyn’ was favorable to Ukrainian Cossacks. The founder of Zaporozhian Sich on the island Hortytsya and the first ataman of the zaporozhian Cossacks Dmytro Vyshnevetsky came from a town Vyshnevets in Volyn’. This land is native for three cossac’s colonels – Grygoriy, Ivan, Danilo Gulyanitsky and for the leaders of big peasants and Cossacks armies Mykhailo, Bogdan, Kyrik, Ostaphiy Ryzhinsky.

The field of the biggest European battle of the XVII century, called Berestechko battle, as well as the spirit of heroism still remains here. At the end of the XIX century one of the mightiest defensive buildings was erected| built on the western borders of the Russian Empire. The material beton was used there for the first time. It was tested during the World War I. Since that time the famous Tarakaniv Fort had survived near Dubno and is opened to visit nowadays. During the World War II Rivne was the administrative centre of the occupied Ukrainian territories. All curious people can observe the bunker of the Reichkomissar of Ukraine Erich Koch. The UPA was organized on this territory too. And the red partisans fought against enemies here as well.

Volyn` has kept the mysterious, archeological and historical monuments. Everybody can watch, feel and try to solve them. It is worth coming here.