Medieval princes in Volyn

Medieval princes in Volyn

  • Peresopnytsia

    Recommended for incorrigible romantics and positive thinking realists

  • Rivne Regional Museum
    Rivne Regional Museum

    The First Rivne museum was opened in 1906. In the years of the Second World War all exhibits were taken out to Germany.

  • Yuzefinska Dacha (country house)
    Yuzefinska Dacha (country house)

    The natural Boundary “Yuzefinska Dacha” is the sight of nature of national value, created for the guard of an oak-patriarch.

  • Lubart castle
    Lubart castle

    Recommended for those who don’t know how a 200-hryvnia banknote looks like

  • Kremenets, Pochaiv
    Kremenets, Pochaiv

    Recommended for those who look not only for material treasures

  • Ostrog castle
    Ostrog castle

    Recommended for women and for men loving women

  • Saint Assumtion monastery
    Saint Assumtion monastery

    Recommended for those who believe in miracles

  • Dubno Castle
    Dubno Castle

    Recommended for people knowing what they want from life and what life wants from them

  • Novozaslavsk castle
    Novozaslavsk castle

    The architectural complex of the second floor. 16 - beg. 18 st. located in the heart of Novy Zaslav, on the cape at the confluence of the river Ponory to the river Goryn.

  • Branitski Palace(18. c)
    Branitski Palace(18. c)

    In 1768 Earl Francishek Xavier Branitskiy received the land of Lyuboml as a gift for saving the life of the future King Stanislaw August Poniatowski at the Sejm session.

  • Epiphany Church
    Epiphany Church

    The Epiphany Church in the castle courtyard was probably built in the XV century.

  • The stone tower of the Ostrog castle
    The stone tower of the Ostrog castle

    The oldest building of Ostroh Castle is a brick tower, which is located near the southeastern end of the castle hill.

  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve
    State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Ancient Volodimir"

    Scientists suggest and some even strongly argue that Rus Baptist Prince Volodymyr the Great was born in Volyn.

  • Dorohobuzh Holy Assumption Church
    Dorohobuzh Holy Assumption Church

    Today Dorohobuzh is a small village in Goshcha district of Rivne region. And before it was the capital of an independent principality.

  • Dirt walls of Stepan castle
    Dirt walls of Stepan castle

    In the XII-XII centuries in Stepan was the center of a separate principality. Today, the castle shafts up to 10 meters high can be seen in the village above Horynnia.

  • The Korets castle
    The Korets castle

    The castle in Korca was built by Prince Ostroh. Bogush Koretsky, the voivode of Volyn, considerably strengthened it by enclosing it with a wall in the 16th century.

  • Lutzk gate tower
    Lutzk gate tower

    Among the architectural monuments of Ostroh Lutsk, the gate tower occupies a special place.

  • Novomalynsky castle (the Sosnovsky estate)
    Novomalynsky castle (the Sosnovsky estate)

    The village of Novomalin has been known since the 14th century in 1392. Vladislav Yagailo presented this area to Svydrygail.

  • Saint Vasyl church
    Saint Vasyl church

    One of the oldest stone temples of Kievan Rus is the Church of St. Basil in Ovruch in the Zhytomyr region.