Ostrog castle

Ostrog castle

Drama about Princess

Recommended for women and for men loving women

Behind a deep ravine and on a high hill their stood a castle. A lovely princess lived in it. She was also very rich. Noble men wanted to marry her. She got married with a prince. During the ceremony the wind put the candles out, the gates open wide and the bells sadly sang as the wind was blowing. The ceremony continued in the dark. The couple left the castle for another place and soon the prince was killed in the battle. The princess got married twice after that. She spent 14 years in abroad. She returned home when she became third time a widow. She donated her fortune for charity and founded “The Volyn Athens” where she is still retained.


Behind a deep ravine and on a high hill – the town of Ostrog

Castle – Ostrog castle built in the 14th century

The princess – Galshka of Ostrog

The prince – Dmytro Sangushko

“The Volyn Athens” – The Ostrog

Academy – has got a status of a national university