Place for rest and recovery

Place for rest and recovery

  • The Shatsk Lakes
    The Shatsk Lakes

    Recommended for those who like to recreate in picturesque places

  • "Blue Lake"

    Lake complex in the woods near Slavuta.

  • Base of rest
    Base of rest "Ozero Voronky"

    Tourist base " Voronky" is located among pine forests on the picturesque lake, one of the cleanest Polissyas lakes.

  • The place of rest
    The place of rest "Koplysche"

    Kamenaha, Koplysche, Blue Lake - these names have one and the same locality. Located 4 km from Klesov.

  • White Lake
    White Lake

    White Lake - karst origin, located near the village Bilska Wola, has an area of 453 hectares.

  • Lake Voronki
    Lake Voronki

    One of the most mysterious forest lakes in the region regarding vegetation is Lake Voronki. Its length reaches 600 meters and an area of ​​21 hectares.

  • Lake Ostrovatske
    Lake Ostrovatske

    Ostrovatske Lake is a lake of karst origin, near the village of Velyki Telkovychi, in the basin of the Styr River.

  • Rehabilitation and recreation complex
    Rehabilitation and recreation complex "White Lake"

    It was built in the 70 years of the last century. Beautiful, cozy town with its narrow streets and houses that surrounded by green trees.

  • The farmstead
    The farmstead "Voronuha"

    Pond, an area of 5 hectares., Located in the zone of mixed forests where you can swim, sunbathe, fish, swim or boat