The religious guide

The religious guide

Recommended for those: Who keep faith in their hearts. Who feel the healing force of the sacred places. Who realize, that the miracles still happen in the God’s name. Who understand, that not only the icon can revive, but the human soul too.

With a cross on the chest.

… And the Princess Olga got angry. And she sent her housekeeper Malusha away from Kyiv to another places. There Malusha gave birth to the Prince’s son. His childhood passed in that land. This is a story of the youth of Volodymir the Great, who established Christianity in Rus. And the name of that land was Volyn’. Some scientists suggest that the village Budyatychi near the town Novovolynsk is a small Motherland of the Prince. And approximately there the Prince learned the Christianity for the first time, because in Volyn’ the Christian roots were older than in Kyiv. Not by chance four years after christening of Rus Volodymir founded one of the first eparchies in Volyn’.

The ancient Zimne’s monastery survives up to nowadays and now it is one of the oldest churches in Ukraine. The legend confirms, that it was founded by Prince Volodymir. In 1001 AD he erected the wooden church on the Holy Mountain and one more stone temple near it. Then he encircled them by the walls. And finally he gave the temple an ancient icon, which had blessed his marriage with the Greek Princess Anna. That icon may be seen today.

Exactly in Volyn’ is located Pochaiv lavra, which is one of the greatest shrines of the Orthodox church. According to the legends, it was found by kievan monks, which ran away from tatars. Exactly there on the hill the image of Madonna appeared to Iov, who was one of the local monks. Since that miracle was happened, the healing source bets from the ground in that place. And that miracle was widely known even in the ancient world. Here also is keeping the healing icon of Pochaiv Madonna, which healed the sick men from the XVI-th. century.

This land was able to keep one more sacred icon, which was extremely respected in ancient Rus – the Holm’s Madonna. It was painted more than 8 centuries ago and it was mentioned in the chronicles. Now the ancient shrine is keeping in Lutsk. In addition, here was appeared the original school of icon painting. The works of the local masters are distinguished by the brightness and cheerfulness.

Volyn’ region is protected by a lot of ancient monasteries and churches, healing icons and sources. That is the reason, why it is densely braided with the paths of the pilgrims. These paths are open for all people.