Gulsk Settlement

Gulsk Settlement

It is a settlement of IX-X centuries which is situated near a village of Gulsk in Novograd-Volyn district of Zhytomyr region. It is located near the annalistic drevlianskyi “grad” of Gulsk on the right bank of the river Sluch.

In the process of the research of this memorable place, 11 houses, the building for drying the grain and baking the bread and the objects of productive and domestic-economic setting were studied.

One object is linked with the initial stage of functioning of the settlement and because of its ceramic complex belongs to the culture of Luka-Raikovetska. It was almost square in a plan foundation pit (4.6 x 4.9 m) and had the corners oriented to the four sides of the world.

Moreover, it had some sloping bars and the floor made of the rammed sand. In the east corner there are the traces of a stone-made stove. Similar houses are typical for slavic-rus population of the region and were popular in other settlements as well.

Address: 11747, Novograd-Volynsk district, Gulsk village