Ancient Slavs

Ancient Slavs

  • Peresopnytsia

    Recommended for incorrigible romantics and positive thinking realists

  • Archaeological Sight of Dubno-Volytsia
    Archaeological Sight of Dubno-Volytsia

    The archaeological sight of Dubno-Volytsia was opened in 1926. Now it is one of the biggest in the region.

  • Danylcha (Trinity) Mountain
    Danylcha (Trinity) Mountain

    It is the sight of the nature of the local value (358 m). It has steep slopes; its summits are partly covered by an oak-hornbeam and by a pine-wood.

  • Gulsk Settlement
    Gulsk Settlement

    It is a settlement of IX-X centuries which is situated near a village of Gulsk in Novograd-Volyn district of the Zhytomyr region.

  • Muravytsia Settlement
    Muravytsia Settlement

    One of the really interesting historical places is a micro-district Mlyniv, which is called Muravytsia.

  • The Old Rus Settlement of Gubynsk
    The Old Rus Settlement of Gubynsk

    The Old Rus settlement of Gubynsk, which is known by locals under the name Zamok, is located on the south of a village Gubyn.

  • Zymne Settlement
    Zymne Settlement

    In a small town of Zymne there was found out and investigated a multi-layered archaeological monument

  • Korostensk Regional Museum
    Korostensk Regional Museum

    History of creation of modern Korostensk regional museum began as early as in the middle of 1920th – in 1924th.

  • The Outskirts of Maidan Village
    The Outskirts of Maidan Village

    The first written mention about a village was made in 1544. And from person to person a legend about its foundation was passed.

  • Mylchesk Settlement
    Mylchesk Settlement

    The Old Rus settlement Mylchesk is situated on the east outskirts of the village, and occupies a cape on the right bank of the river Ustia.

  • Rivne Regional Museum
    Rivne Regional Museum

    The First Rivne museum was opened in 1906. In the years of the Second World War all exhibits were taken out to Germany.

  • Natural Boundary of “Shankiv Ravine”
    Natural Boundary of “Shankiv Ravine”

    The place is really unique. On this place people settled a long time ago.

  • Yuzefinska Dacha (country house)
    Yuzefinska Dacha (country house)

    The natural Boundary “Yuzefinska Dacha” is the sight of nature of national value, created for the guard of an oak-patriarch.

  • Zamchysche Settlement
    Zamchysche Settlement

    Zamchysche settlement is the monument of archaeology of national value which takes its place in a town Liuboml in Volyn region.

  • Vozvyahel Fortress Remains (1256)
    Vozvyahel Fortress Remains (1256)

    The town was first mentioned under the name of Vozvyahel in 1256 in Galician - Volyn chronicle

  • Korsosten Old Rus settlement
    Korsosten Old Rus settlement

    National monument consists of a preserved part fragment of the settlement defensive works (kremlin) and open settlements (post).

  • Napadiv burial mound

    Near the village archaeological sites of early Iron Age, Cherniahivs'ka culture of ancient times were discovered.

  • Oleg's grave
    Oleg's grave

    A huge burial mound on the outskirts of the city is a place where, according to the legend, Oleg Prince of Drevlyan was buried.

  • The Red Hill